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    Проект по английскому языку про нью йорк, 9 класс
  2. New York the largest city of the USA and one of the largest agglomerations of the world. The population of 8 363 710 people (2010), with suburbs — 20,61 million. It is located on the bank of the Atlantic Ocean in southeast part of the State of New York. New York was founded at the beginning of the XVII century by the Dutch colonists. Till 1664 the city was called New Amsterdam.New York includes 5 areas (pine forest): Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and Staten-Aylend. The main sights are located in Manhattan. Among them: historical skyscrapers (Empire State Building, Chrysler-bilding), Rock Feller center, Woolworth-bilding, art Metropolitan Museum, Subway opera, Museum of Solomon Guggenheim (painting), American museum of natural history (skeletons of dinosaurs and planetarium), legendary hotel "Chelsea", UN headquarters, Harlem.New York — the major world financial, political, economic and cultural center.In the territory where New York is nowadays located, long before emergence here Europeans there lived Manakhattou's Indian tribes and Kanarsi. It is confirmed by finds of tips of arrows and other artifacts in the districts of the city which haven't been built up with buildings, for example, with Invud-Hill-Park and Riverside Park. The European settlements appeared here in 1624. In 1625 the Dutch settlement was founded on the southernmost tip of Manhattan New Amsterdam (нидерл. Nieuw Amsterdam). In 1664 the city was seized by the British who haven't encountered resistance from the governor Styoyvesanta then the city was renamed into New York (English. New York), in honor of the initiator of capture — the duke of York. By results of the Second Anglo-Dutch war in 1667 Dutches officially gave New York to British in exchange for a colony Surinam.At the beginning of War for Independence the modern territory of the city was the arena of important battles. As a result of the Brooklyn fight in Brooklyn the heavy fire in which the most part of the city burned down began. New York passed under control of Great Britain while Americans didn't take control again of it in 1783. This day which has received the name "Day of Evacuation", was celebrated subsequently in New York for many years.Broadway, about 1840.Within the XIX century the city population promptly grew thanks to inflow of a large number of immigrants. In 1811 the far-sighted master plan of a development of the city by which the network of streets was expanded was developed, having captured all Manhattan. By 1835 New York overtook Philadelphia by number of the population, having become the biggest city of the United States.During Civil war strong commercial relations of the city with the South, and also led its growing immigrant population to split between supporters of the Union and supporters of Confederation which reached the highest heat in mutinies because of an appeal — the largest civil disorders in the American history.After war tempo of immigration from Europe increased even more strongly, and New York turned into the first stop for million people arriving to the United States in search of new, best life.

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