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    скласти диалог на тему розпорядок дня
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    My name is Ivan. I’m thirteen years old. I study in the 7th form of the state secondary school # 5. I attend school six days a week. Sunday is the only weekend that I have. My day usually starts at 7.30 (half past seven) am. That’s when I wake up, but I don’t get up until 7.45 (quarter to eight). Then I brush my teeth and have a shower. After that I wear my school uniform and have a quick breakfast in the kitchen. My mum makes a sandwich for me and a cup of tea. Then I quickly leave for school. Luckily, I live 5 minutes away from school so I’m almost never late. My classes usually start at 8.30 (half past eight). Sometimes if we don’t have the first lesson, our teacher lets us know in advance. That’s when I can sleep longer and, of course, I like those days. My lessons finish at about 1 or 2 pm. When I come back home I have my lunch and take a short rest. After that I do my homework for tomorrow. Then I’m allowed to watch my favourite shows, play computer games or go for a walk with my friends. On Wednesdays and Fridays I go to the swimming-pool. And on Tuesdays and Thursdays I attend martial arts. So that leaves little free time for anything else. Saturdays are freer. We only have four lessons on these days and I don’t attend any sections. I love Sundays the most. I always relax and do what I like at weekends. Sometimes me and my parents leave the town and visit interesting places. For example, last Sunday we drove to one beautiful lake and we spent a nice peaceful day there.
    Там имя,номер школы и т.п можно поменять))

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