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  1. stopnot

    stopnot New Member

    write 10 sentences about what you wear in different season
  2. uriz

    uriz New Member

    1. In the summer I try to wear revealing clothes that were not hot.
    2.I wear a baseball cap to not get sunstroke.
    3. on the street a lot of puddles so I wear rubber boots.
    4. if the rain comes I tend to dress coat and take an umbrella
    5. winter is very cold so I'm wearing a warm jacket.
    6. I try to wear on their feet warm shoes to become healthy
    7. in the summer I wear loose clothing that was not so hot
    8.In the spring  I can't stop wear warm clothes
    9. spring is windy so I wear a windbreaker
    10. when it's hot I try to wear sandals or sneakers

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